written/developped/created by Annechien Koerselman




Textcompositions / Theatreplays

1. The Toy Revolt (Die Spielzeug-Revolte) - scenario, 2023 commissioned by Köln Musik, Cologne (DE)

2. The Snowman (Der Schneemann) - scenario, 2022 commissioned by Die Münchner Philharmoniker Munich (DE)

3. The secret Book of Caioni (Caioni Codex) - script, 2022 commissioned by Black Pensil, Almere (NL)

4. Noah, the (almost) last Beaver, 2022 commissioned by Die Tonkuenstler, Vienna (DE)

5. LOO, when palace walls make themselves heard i.c.w. F. Schoevaart, 2021 (NL)

6. Oh Tree of Wonder, 2020 commissioned by Die Tonkuenstler, Vienna (AT)

7. Libretto #Uncut i.c.w. W. de Vos, 2020 commissioned by Netherlands Chamber Choir Utrecht (NL/EN)

8. The Sound on the Track (The Rhythm of the Ocean), 2020 commissioned by Die Tonkuenstler, Vienna (DE)

9. Brimful Sounds (Watercastlemusic), 2020 commissioned by Die Tonkuenstler, Vienna (DE)

10. Jungleboogy - script, 2019 (NL)

11. What about Mary - script, 2018 after texts by Wendela de Vos (NL)

12. The Umbrella - script, 2018  after the novel by Ingrid & Dieter Schubert (NL)

13. Par!s! Par!s! - script, 2017 commissioned by Die Schurken, Bregenz (DE)

14. Dracula - a musical theatrical concert, 2017 (NL)

15. The Brassgang - script, 2016 (DE)

16. When witches put a spell... - script, 2016 (NL)

17. The Planets, 2015 commissioned by Philharmonie Luxembourg (DE/S)

18. Bout’chou – 4 Elements (earth, air, fire, water) - script, 2015 (EN/FR/L)

19. Carmencita, 2015 (DE)

20. Rascal, 2015 (NL)

21. Bout’chou – 4 Seasons (autum, winter, spring, summer) - script, 2014 (EN/FR/L)

22. The (new) Story of the Soldier, 2014 commissioned by Philharmonic Orchestra Rotterdam (NL)

23. Peter and the Wolf, after Prokofjev and the animation by S. Templeton, 2014 commissioned by International Chambermusicfestival Utrecht (NL)

24. Feiervillchen, after The Firebird, 2013 commissioned by Philharmonie Luxembourg (L/DE)

25. Kenau the Opera - libretto, 2013 commissioned by Zangstudio Haarlem (NL)

26. Children of the Stars - script, 2012 (NL)

27. A Stairway to the Clouds - script, 2012 commissioned by Oorkaan Producties (NL/DE)

28. Malle Babbe the opera - script, 2011 commissioned by Stichting Haarlemse Opera (NL)

29. The Secret of the Seasoning - libretto, 2011 commissioned by Muziektheater Zoem, Beusichem (NL)

30. Ploink! - Script, 2011 (NL)

31. Moulin Rouge, the Parade Opera, 2011 (NL)

32. Marfoejska & the Frost, a warm winter fairy tale, 2010 commissioned by International Chambermusicfestival Utrecht (NL)

33. The Musicfactory - script, 2010 commissioned by Oorkaan Producties & Calefax Reed Quintet Amsterdam (NL)

34. The Wolf and the Seven little Goats, - libretto 2009 commissioned by Theater Sonnevanck, Enschede (NL)

35. Bonnie & Clyde, 2009 (NL)

36. The Firebird, after the Russian Fairy tale, 2009 commissioned by Het Grachtenfestival, Amsterdam (NL)

37. Lady M., after Macbeth by W. Shakespeare, 2007 commissioned by Het Vijfde Bedrijf, Den Haag (NL/EN)

38. Pagliaccio, after the opera Pagliacci by Leoncavallo, 2007 (NL)

39. Kaspar Hauser, a modern story of the Creation, 2006 (NL)

40. De Vliegende Hollander, free after the opera by Wagner, 2005 (NL)

41. Tranquillizers, 2002 (NL)

42. The Life of the Fifth Day - script, 1999 commissioned by De Balie, Amsterdam (NL)


Adaptations after novels

1. Animals United,  after the eponymous novel - E. Kästner, 2024 commissioned by Die Münchner Philharmonikern München (DE)

2. Who's that knocking at my door, free after the eponymous picture book - T. Michels, 2020 commissioned by The Tonkuenstler, Vienna (DE)

3. Libretto The Brendan Expedition (Suite), after the novel by T. Severin, 2020 commissioned by The Amstel Quartet, Amsterdam (EN/NL)

4. Libretto The  Secret of the Blue Deer, after the novel Dertien rennende Hertjes by E. van de Vendel, 2016 commissioned by Deutsche Oper Berlin (DE)

5. Three Women amongst King William I - M. Meissen, 2013 commissioned by Het Portret Spreekt, Den Haag (NL)

6. It is a Scourge, Desire, after 3 romans by L. Couperus, 2013 commissioned by Literary Theatre Branoul, The Hague (NL)

7. Black Perfume, after the story Morphine by M. Bulgakov - libretto, 2012 (EN/NL)

8. Buck, de buckerette, after cartoons by B. Dekker, 2010 commissioned by Nimbus Theater, The Hague (NL)

9. Here is Where, Utopia, after the epos Leila en Madschnun by Nizami, 2009 (NL)

10. Abi, the Ciske the Rat of the Schilderswijk, after the novel Hoezo Bloedmooi by H. Sahar, 2008 (NL)

11. Tinglings 2, or on tour with Alice in Wonderland..., after the novel by L. Carroll, 2008 (NL)

12. Frauenleben und – Liebe, after Böse Schafe by K. Lange-Müller, 2008 commissioned by Stichting Korben, Deventer (NL)

13. Checkpoint Cha Cha Cha, after plays by K. van den Bosch, 2006 (NL)

14. The House of the Future, free after the novel L’Enfant du Sable by T. Ben Jelloun, 2004 (NL)

15. RainDogs, after several American novels, 2003 (NL)

16. The Garden of the Innocent, after the novel by K. Hemmerechts, 2001 (NL)



1. Bluebeard – Dea Loher, 2003 (NL)

2. Handbag – Mark Ravenhill, 2001 (NL)

3. Leonce & Lena – Georg Büchner, 1999 (NL)

4. Le Square – Marguerite Duras, 1998 (NL)