Cora Burggraaf and the inner voice of Elsa Diepenbrock

Premiere August 20, 2021, Oranjewoudfestival (NL)

Inner Voice is a musical portrayal of a woman who, for a long time, let her own voice grow silent. As the wife of the famous composer Alphons Diepenbrock, who was the constant centre of attention, Elsa Diepenbrock gradually fell silent. Despite helping other people find their voice as a stammer specialist and being able to easily address large groups of people in three languages, her own voice faltered. Little by little, fearlessness turned into timidness.

To Elsa, music was life, so she would sing in her head. Cora Burggraaf dives into her world and lends Elsa her voice. Their voices complement each other. Inner Voice is a tale of recognition, in which music by, among others, Alphons Diepenbrock, Gustav Mahler, Richard Wagner, Anna Cramer, Georges Bizet plays a role. As you walk through Ecokathedraal, you listen to Elsa’s musical and personal world through headphones. The use of binaural sound techniques makes it seem as if the voices and music are inside your head. This allows you to almost physically experience the inner worlds of Elsa and Cora, and hopefully also your own. But make no mistake: at some point, this inner voice becomes an outer voice, very much alive …

The performance is based on the novel Cécile and Elsa, combative ladies by Elisabeth Leijnse.

innervoice vierkant

Image © Larisa Wiegant

Credits Cast & Crew

Mezzo Soprano Cora Burggraaf

Pianist Hans Eijsackers

Idea, Concept & Projectleading Cora Burggraaf

Text Cora Burggraaf

Audio-recording & Mix Rob Strolenberg (Da Capo)

Final stage direction Annechien Koerselman

Productieleading Stef Koenis

External artistic coaches Annechien Koerselman, Bert Luppes, Wout van Tongeren, Jetse Batelaan

Advice Podcast Katharina Smets

Organisation Cora Burggraaf & Oranjewoudfestival




Bierum May 21, 2022 Festival terug naar het Begin

Bierum May 22, 2022 Festival terug naar het Begin

Amsterdam Ruigoord September 11, 2022


Oranjewoud (NL) Ecokathedraal July 21, 2021 14.30h internal try-out

Oranjewoud (NL) Ecokathedraal Augustus 20, 2021 15.30 & 18.00h Oranjewoudfestival

Oranjewoud (NL) Ecokathedraal Augustus 22, 2021 12.45 & 15.00h Oranjewoudfestival

Amsterdam (NL) Festival Muze van Zuid September 18, 2021 17.00h concertversion


More information: Cora Burggraaf & Oranjewoudfestival & Spinthout


This production is funded from the Nieuwe Makers regeling (new makers grant) by the Fonds Podiumkunsten Den Haag

The "new makers grant" is intended for talented young makers to develop in a longer-term process (maximum of four years), in collaboration with companies, venues and festivals. Cora's intended development process as a maker is dominated by her ambition to make the art of song more human. Over the next two years, Oranjewoud Festival team members will guide Cora in, among other things, the production process, drawing up a marketing strategy and putting together her own team. On an artistic level, she can count on guidance from external coaches, including theater maker Jetse Batelaan, stage director Annechien Koerselman, actor Bert Luppes and dramaturg Wout van Tongeren.