swinging music theatre for the age of  4+


Home Sweet Home. Everybody knows the feeling, everybody needs it. But when do you actually feel at home? What provides such familiar feeling? What sounds, what scents, which stuff, which friends do resonate this? How big or how small should your house be? Do you invite other beasts in there? During the creation of their shared new house the forest bird, the raccoon and the tortoise have to cope with all those questions. And while they discover that sometimes the home for the one beast doesn't fit for the other beast, they learn at the same time the power of being and working together.

Previously the windwoodtrio Dividivi3 developed i.c.w. stage director Annechien Koerselman When Witches put a spell (4+) about three musical witches. In  Jungleboogy, again music will be the only spoken language and humor will not be shunned. During their musical adventure "the beasts" will play compositions by a.o. Schnittke, Piazzolla and Haydn. 

Publiciteitsfoto Beestenboel

Foto © Bas Oosterwal

Credits Cast & Crew

Flute & Acting Rieneke Brink (Dividivi3)

English horn, Oboe & Acting Paloma de Beer (Dividivi3)

(Bass)Clarinet & Acting Ilse Eijsink (Dividivi3)

Stage direction & Script Annechien Koerselman

Set- & Costumedesign Anne Ammerlaan

Musicaldramaturgy Dividivi3 & Annechien Koerselman

Production & Organisation Dividivi3 & Grachtenfestival Amsterdam




Amsterdam MidWest October 18, 2021 14.00 & 16.00h

Amsterdam Basisschool de Polsstok October 25, 2021 schoolperformance


Oranjewoud Oranjewoudfestival June 01, 2020 11.15, 13.30 & 16.25h


Amsterdam Het Grachtenfestival Mariotteplein (East) 10th of August 2019 12 & 14 h (free entrance)

Amsterdam Het Grachtenfestival Kindergarden Stadstimmertuinen (Centrum) 11th of August 2019 11 & 13 h (free entrance)

Amsterdam Het Grachtenfestival Ecuplein (New-West) 14th of August 2019 13 & 15 h (free entrance)

Amsterdam Het Grachtenfestival Plein 40/45 (New-West) 17th of August 2019 12 & 14 h (free entrance)


More information: www.dividivi3.nl

Trailer © Nander Cirkel/Het Grachtenfestival Amsterdam

Photos Jungleboogy © Robert Verhoeve, Anne Ammerlaan, Anne Müller, Annechien Koerselman

01 Beestenboel GF 2019 Robert Verhoeve02 Beestenboel GF 2019 Anne Ammerlaan03 Beestenboel GF 2019 Anne Ammerlaan04 Beestenboel GF 2019 Anne Ammerlaan05 Beestenboel GF 2019 Robert Verhoeve06 Beestenboel GF 2019 Anne Ammerlaan07 Beestenboel GF 2019 Robert Verhoeve08 Beestenboel GF 2019 Anne Ammerlaan09 Beestenboel GF 2019 Annechien Koerselman10 Beestenboel GF 2019 Anne Ammerlaan11 Beestenboel GF 2019 Anne Ammerlaan12 Beestenboel GF 2019 Anne Ammerlaan13 Beestenboel GF 2019 Robert Verhoeve14 Beestenboel GF 2019 Anne Müller15 Beestenboel GF 2019 Robert Verhoeve16 Beestenboel GF 2019 Anne Ammerlaan17 Beestenboel GF 2019 Robert Verhoeve18 Beestenboel GF 2019 Anne Ammerlaan