When palace walls make themselves heard


Premiere July 01, 2022, Theatre Orpheus, Apeldoorn (NL)


Who does not know her: Loo, the almost 400-year-old palace of the House of Orange in the heart of Apeldoorn. But how well do you really know this diva with royal traits?

Loo is a dazzling music theater performance in which Marketing Manager Klamer and his assistant Alicia are in search of Loo's soul. They have big plans for the palace now that it has been completely renovated, refurbished and rebuilt. But Loo, played by soprano Laetitia Gerards, is an idiosyncratic lady who does not do anyone's dirty work. At least that's what she thinks, but then she doesn't know Klamer yet… As soon as Loo opens a palace door, Klamer and Alicia take a theatrical dive into her past. And this affects her own heart too. Nostalgia for days gone by, when majesties inhabited her, musicians performed in her concert hall, and she let her chandeliers shine during sumptuous dinners, makes Loo more candid and loose-lipped than one would expect from a royal palace. Does she stand?

Loo is as comical as it is dynamic music theater, in which one gets a theatrical tour behind the scenes of Loo. The setting in which all this happens is different than usual. The hall (Rabobankzaal) of Orpheus has been converted into an audience hall for this special occasion. While the spectator is served a majestic dinner to the sounds of composers such as Händel, Mozart and Strauss jr., an exciting game between appearance and reality unfolds. There Loo, Klamer, Alicia together with an eight-member musical ensemble and a procession of lackeys dust off Dutch history, almost forgotten stadholders, kings and queens present themselves, and bridges are built to the present. Does the 400-year-old lady Loo still have a future in 2022?

Loo is Theater Orpheus' second production. These productions are based on regional stories that have a national appearance.

Foto © Robert Voss

Credits Cast & Crew

Loo Laetitia Gerards (Singing & Acting)

Klamer Jeroen van Venrooij (Acting & Singing)

Alicia Annemarije Zoer (Acting)

Higher servants Eight classical musicians from the National Youth Orchestra (NJO): Federico Altare (Flute), Rianne Schoemaker (Trumpet), Jenita Veurink (Saxophone), Michiel Wittink (Viola), Lionel Lutgen (Guitar), Camiel Jansen (Double base), Michel Xie (Piano), Pieter Mark Kamminga (Percussion)

Various supporting parts Rozemarijn van den Beld, Gerdien den Boer, Ewout van Eyndhoven, Corine Filius, Brigitte de Hoog, Jan Prangen, Lianne Saakes, Noor Slis, Marcel van Straten, Alex Topsvoort, Evi Winkelman, Sophie Winkelman, Julia Zandvliet, Manouk Zandvliet


Concept, Stage direction & Musical dramaturgy Annechien Koerselman

Text Annechien Koerselman & Floortje Schoevaart

Set- &  Costumedesign Vera Selhorst

Arrangements  Marijn van Prooijen

Lightdesign Wilfred Loopstra

Organisation (producer, technics, business management) Theater Orpheus  Apeldoorn (NL)



Apeldoorn Theater Orpheus July, 01 2022 14.00h General rehearsal

Apeldoorn Theater Orpheus July, 01 2022 19.00h premiere

Apeldoorn Theater Orpheus July, 02 2022 19.00h 

Apeldoorn Theater Orpheus July, 03 2022 19.00h

Apeldoorn Theater Orpheus July, 05 2022 15.00h high tea

Apeldoorn Theater Orpheus July, 05 2022 19.00h

Apeldoorn Theater Orpheus July, 06 2022 15.00h high tea

Apeldoorn Theater Orpheus July, 06 2022 19.00h

Apeldoorn Theater Orpheus July, 07 2022 19.00h

Apeldoorn Theater Orpheus July, 09 2022 19.00h 

Apeldoorn Theater Orpheus July, 10 2022 19.00h



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Loo is made possible by all generous subventions through the VSB Fund, PBF Culthfonds PBF, Frank vd Wal Fund & the Norma Fund Norma Fonds logo zwart