Family Day


Whether children, parents or grandchildren - all generations awaits again a colorful day in Grafenegg! To find musical friends,  try out musical instruments and even make them yourself, to dance in the park and try out the many interactive stations: creativity knows no limits when it comes to explore the diversity of music. As part of the Family Day the Tonkünstler also present two concerts.

In the first concert The Sound on the Track the search for sounds of the oceans occupies central stage. Wonk. Vuuuuummmmm. The sea is already making threatening sounds for days. But sound researcher Elfi has no fear. She dives into the depths in her multifunction submarine. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Krakkk. Where does this new sound come from? Then an Aquarius caught in a fishing net catches her eye. Elfi sets her new waterfriend free. In gratitude he shows her the sound world that is hidden in the ocean. From singing whales to swinging coral reefs . Will you join them exploring sounds?

In the second concert Packed with sounds  all sounds come together into a true water symphony in the watercastle. Wonk. Vuuuuummmmm. The menacing sounds of the ocean are to be heard again. "t's his father, the king of Atlantis", the Aquarius admits, who demands him to return home immediately. The king is angry because the Aquarius swam away from home because he was not allowed to perform his own music. Elfi convinces her new friend that their newfound sounds will certainly soothe the troubled waters of the king. Do you help Elfi and Aquarius to fill the watercastle with the most beautiful oceanmusic?

Der Rhythmus des Ozeans

Image © Unknown

Credits Cast & Crew