Music theatre about Fast Fashion


Premiere June 30, 2021 (Winterkaravaan), De Drukkerij Alkmaar (NL) / August 07, 2021 (Karavaan Festival) Former Primark Alkmaar (NL)


The festival celebrates the end of the year in the museum environment of the old "Printing House" and shows gems of theater created by a new generation of theater makers. Two adventureous collections have been put together, each consisting of 3 theater performances. Wasteland, made by Sannah Aukes, Esther de Haas and Márin Kroon (Collective Trojka) is part of the Blue Collection. They graduated from ArtEZ's Music Theater in 2019 and are now creating their first performance together. At the request of the Winter Karavaan, Annechien will coaches the three performers, which have the following in mind:

One is part of the festive opening of a new fashion store. The store you've been waiting for. Always up-to-date and full of the latest trends for the lowest price. There is music, there are bubbles and snacks. There are speeches, there is a show, you will be surprised; an ode to fashion! Theater makers Esther, Márin and Sannah are examining their own relationship with clothes and the fashion industry. Knowing that you can 'do better' but then not follow suit? Is that laziness, is it about the financial benefits? And then: do we deal with this feeling of guilt or do we state it is enough, looking away is not an option anymore. A musical deluge on the catwalk!

Wasteland Winterkaravaan 2020 @Emil de Jong

Photo © Emil de Jong

Credits Cast & Crew

PRIMARK - THEATER Kim went to the performance Wasteland in the former Primark at De Laat in Alkmaar. Music theater about fast fashion.

Reportage © Karavaan Alkmaar

Video © Collective Trojka

Photos Wasteland © Moon Saris & Lena Faust

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