So funny, beautiful, exciting, inspiring yesterday, the umbrella! ... It was great!
It's a very good performance for kids. Packed of creativity and "childknowledge"... I loved the way the show starts, Quibus sleeping on the floor and then this expressive "dialogue" between him and the "cello". You know, these moments have such a huge appeal to the imagination of children.
Your set was "fantasy activating" too! In this time when things are often so "pre-chewed" and as a consequence it lacks of room to let own the imagination fill in the empty spots ......
What fun that the musicians not only played the musicc but also sang and spoke or involved the audience. in this way, it became a very lively performance!
I found the music exciting and expressive, and very free. Of course, it was a fantastic idea from you to reguarly involve us by means of making percussion and soundscapes ...
The perfect combination for two different children. The one especially liked to participate. And the other one was primarily predicting the story (because we just read the book in advance) and discover what one can make out of umbrellas. Not to forget as well, also a joy for adults to watch and listen to.
Now I go home tinkering with umbrellas, I believe.

Photos De Paraplu © Jan Hordijk

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