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Stage direction & Musical composition Monday –  A. Prins after C. Voigt. Huis aan de Amstel, Amsterdam (NL)

Stage direction, Stageadaptation, Musical composition & Props RainDogs - A. Koerselman. Literary Theatre Branoul, The Hague (NL)


Stage direction,Text, Musical composition, Props & Co-Producer Tranquillizers – A. Koerselman. Stichting de Frequentie (Annechien Koerselman Theaterproductions)/Atelier d., Amsterdam (NL)

Stage direction, Translation & Musical composition free after 'Handbag' - M.Ravenhill. Studenttheatre CREA, Amsterdam (NL)


Stage direction, Stage adaptation & Musical composition The Garden of the Innocent - A. Koerselman after K. Hemmerechts. Literary Theatre Branoul, The Hague (NL)

Stage direction, Translation & Musical composition 'Elektra' - Sophocles. Studententoneel KNS (Veritas), Utrecht (NL)


Stage direction, Translation & Musical composition 'Leonce & Lena' - G. Büchner. Studententoneel KNS (Veritas), Utrecht


Stage direction, Text, Soundscape & Lightdesign ‘The Life of the Fifth Day’ – A. Koerselman. De Balie, Amsterdam (NL)

Stage direction studioproject 'Northless' - P. Wittenbols. Huis van Bourgondië, Maastricht (NL)

Stage direction The Interrogation - R. Pinget. Koerselman Verhoeven & Van Vliet, Amsterdam (NL)

1998 (Academy of Dramatic Arts Maastricht)

Stage direction & Translation 'Le Square' - M. Duras. Kruis van Bourgondië, Maastricht (NL)

Stage direction 'Glass Menagerie' - T. Williams. Toneelactiviteiten Heerlen (NL)

Other Activities

Annechien is regularly working as a dramaturge at several theatre- and dance productions and as freelance drama teacher in theatre, musical theatre and opera. In addition, she advises and supports different organizations on artistic and productional level during the initial stage of productions and writes in command of them grant applications.Up till 2004 – between the acts - she has worked with some regularity as assistant directior and 2nd stage manager at The National Touring Opera and as assistant director at Opera OT, The National Theatre The Hague, The National Touring Opera, Het Vervolg Maastricht and as a production manager of several adhoc productions.