HOT Orgel Bigband

Premiere September 2019, Philharmony Harlem (NE)

HOT & Brass put early and late compositions of Duke Ellington into the perspective of a mini organ bigband Jazz on the organ in the church: the men from HOT The Organ Trio prove again and again that it is possible! In their newest project they jump on the big band repertoire of jazz icon Duke Ellington. Organist Berry van Berkum, clarinettist Steven Kamperman and bassist Dion Nijland welcome in this project the sparkle of young trumpet talent Ruben van Drenth and the glowing improvisations of trombonist and Ellington connoisseur par excellence Joost Buis. With extra trumpet and trombone, HOT produces surprising and overwhelming orchestral sounds.

In Reflections of Duke HOT makes a striking repertoire choice by focusing only on Ellington’s early work (before 1930) and his late work (after 1965). Swing pieces like Jubilee Stomp and Rockin ’in Rhythm accompany thoughtful gems such as Come Sunday and Heaven (from his Sacred Concerts). And HOT wouldn’t be HOT without putting the old arrangements in a contemporary perspective. The pieces are taken apart, adapted to the space and reassembled. In addition, the musicians sometimes even run through the space of the church in search of its optimal acoustic and theatrical qualities.

In Reflections of Duke, the old master composer looks back on his young years, and his sounds are still as fresh as ever.

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On September 12, 2020 Steven Kamperman and his ensemble HOT (& Brass) launched a CD registration of Reflections of Duke. Jazz featuring a churchorgan? HOT proves again and again that it is possible! After their album debut Bird & Beyond, decomposing the works of Charlie ‘Bird’ Parker, HOT this time embraces the big band repertoire of jazz icon Duke Ellington. The CD is available at Zennez Records.

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