or where love can take us, from 5 years old

It's autumn. A storm rages through the streets and Pierrot has to sweep up the fallen leaves. Work that never bores him, because after all, his fantasy can take him everywhere. Especially when he bumps into Colombine. Their hearts both jump. This is to the dismay of her guardian Pantalon, who sees it as his task to protect his niece from all the dangers of the world. But as we all know, love is not easy to tame.

And so it becomes winter. Pierrot clears the streets of snow and decides to build a snowman in front of Colombine's house. This to her uncle's consternation. When Pantalon destroys the snowman one night, Pierrot doesn't give up. Since, isn't it so, that snowmen can dance as well?

The Snowman is a theatrical concert based on the music of child prodigy Erich Wolfgang Korngold (1897 - 1957). Both his Schauspiel-Ouvertüre (1911) and his pantomime Der Schneemann (1910) are performed by three actors and the Münchner Philharmoniker, without a single word being spoken. Annechien Koerselman based her scenario on the libretto Der Schneemann by Julius Korngold (Korngold's father) and the libretto she wrote herself for the Schauspiel-Ouvertüre.

Beaver © Eran Alboher

Illustration © Sergey Lukashin

Credits Cast & Crew